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Zhimi Li 李知弥

Zhimi Li is a contemporary ink painting artist and a published writer. His books are collected by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Also, books are the best seller in China. He graduated from China Academy of Art. He won the Asian Imagination Park Competition in 2000, the Chinese top 10 IP of China competition in 2018, and protégé of the Chinese National Art Fund in 2018. He has collabo- rated with several publishing houses, and published books such as “Mr. Zhimi's Soul of Painting,” “You Come from Homeland” and “Forever Soul Mate,” which is collected by the Library of Metro- politan Museum of Art. He also illustrated several books such as “Zhou Zuoren's Anthology,” “Zhu Guangqian's Philosophy Series,” “the Beauty of Book of Songs,” “Happiness is One Family having Three Meals in Four Seasons.” Over the years, he has participated in several important academic exhibitions and taught in colleges and schools. Zhi is also a philanthropist. He supports k-12 education in China and abroad.

李知弥,2003年获得中国美术学院学士学位。奖项:2000年想象力乐园大赛亚洲地区优秀奖,2018获得中国国家艺 术基金立项。出版:上海人民美术出版社《知弥先生心画》,收录于大都会博物馆图书馆,上海三联书店《常相知》《君 自故乡来》,插图绘本有上海三联书店《周作人文集》系列,中信出版集团 《朱光潜书系》,重庆出版社《美丽诗经》, 中国工信出版社和电子工业出版社《幸福就是一家人共度三餐四季》等书籍。

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