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Jianyao Gao 高健耀

Jianyao Gao, a distinguished artist born in Hebei Province, China, in 1966, is renowned for his iconic "Happy Fish" motif. After graduating from the North China University of Science and Technology and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Gao's artistic journey has spanned over two decades, marked by solo exhibitions in Beijing and Ningbo, alongside international collaborations. Notable among his achievements is his participation in the 2022 China-US College Art Summit, with his works finding homes in esteemed institutions like the Today Art Museum and private collections worldwide. Gao's art, characterized by warmth and joy, resonates with audiences globally, inviting contemplation on peace amidst modern complexities. 

Above Work Info: Title: Happy Fish.           Size: 6 feet 647⁄64 inches (H) by 19 feet 11⁄32 inch (W).    Material: Acrylic on Canvas       Time: 2022

Artist Statement

My artistic journey is a reflection of my innermost emotions and contemplations, expressed through the lens of the "Happy Fish" motif that has become synonymous with my work. Born and raised in Hebei Province, China, my upbringing deeply influenced my connection to nature and the harmony it embodies. Through my exploration of various mediums, including oil painting, ink painting, and printmaking, I strive to capture the essence of joy and tranquility that resonates within me and, I hope, within those who view my art. Each stroke of my brush, each composition, is imbued with a sense of warmth and optimism, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of serenity amidst the chaos of modern life. My art serves as a testament to the universal desire for peace and happiness, transcending cultural boundaries to evoke a sense of unity among diverse audiences. Through my work, I seek to inspire others to find solace and beauty in the simplicity of life, fostering a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living beings.

The artist's statement about his art-inspired gifts and merchandise:

"I'm thrilled about transforming my artwork into gifts and merchandise. These products are not only an extension of my creativity but also a way to bring my art into the lives of a broader audience. With merchandise inspired by my work, I hope to share the joy and beauty conveyed through my art with more people. Whether used in everyday life or given as gifts to others, these products carry my emotions and significance, serving as a connection to the artist himself. I believe these gifts and merchandise will become delightful companions in people's lives, continuously conveying my artistic spirit and inspiration."

Left Work Info:
Material: Glass
Time: 2023
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